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How do Scientists and Engineers Contemplate Complex Problems?

Heuristics Inspired by Nature – by Joe Wilke, Ph.D. Business Analytics includes the use of algorithms and heuristics to solve complex problems.  But have you ever stopped to wonder where those algorithms and heuristics come from?  How do scientists and engineers contemplate such things?  The simple answer … nature.  The [...]

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Connecting the Dots

Unleash the Power of Your Network  – by Inga Carboni, Ph.D. Connect the Dots is a fun, fast-paced, and fact-based book for working professionals seeking to take the next step in their careers. The truth is that networking is not about managing impressions or projecting your personal brand. Effective networkers [...]

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Equifax Settlement and Personal Privacy Obfuscation

What the Equifax Settlement Teaches Us about Privacy Regulations – by Dr. Chris Strasser The Wall Street Journal recently revealed that Equifax will investigate an alternative identification to social security numbers for its customers.  Having already agreed to pay more than $700M in fines for its 2017 data breach, Equifax [...]

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FaceApp and the Globalization of Social Media

FaceApp Brings in New Era of Global Social Media Privacy Theft – by Dr. Chris Strasser Exploiting private personal information is no longer the domain of U.S. and European big tech. This month brought alarm from the NY Post to Wired Magazine over the privacy terms demanded for “free use” [...]

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Data Accessibility is Critical for Informed Decisions

Self-Service Tools Empower Data Users – by Aliyah Wooten, (MSBA Student) William & Mary and Monica Chiarini Tremblay, Ph.D. Let’s face it, the goal of every business is to make better business decisions than their competitors. But gut instinct, or experience, is no longer enough to remain competitive. Most organizations [...]

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