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Episode 100: December 20, 2017

The end of another year. A good time for reflection. A good time to examine your life and career. In terms of your profession, one question you may want to ask yourself is: “Why?” Why do you do what you do? And is it the right fit. Our guest today encourages others to take time to examine their “why.” Quimby Kaizer is a Principal at KPMG. She recently spoke to MBA students at William & Mary about their “why,” and the way it connects with their “what” and “how.” The point being, when the three aligned, you feel happy, fulfilled, and successful.

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  • What is the principle behind the why, the how, and the what
  • How do the why, how, and what relate to business
  • How can your “why” be applied to obtaining a career
  • How important is someone’s “why” to someone’s success
  • The importance of passion for a career
  • How to decide between passion for a career vs a lucrative opportunity
  • Why the “career ladder” is more like a rock wall
  • Why “how do I get promoted” might be the wrong question
  • The benefits of job experiences over advancing titles
  • At what point should someone seek out a management coach
  • What is the Plan Do Check Act model
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