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Episode 8: October 07, 2015

Maureen Brille is the Managing Director of Executive Recruiting at Bay Street Advisors. She’s a self-titled “headhunter” with years of experience in growing businesses and helping people navigate their careers. Listen in to find out why and how you should form a relationship with a recruiting firm and take responsibility for your career.


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  • What it means to be a headhunter
  • Why so much of the business is based on relationships
  • How she helps companies grow and change their lives
  • Why people should speak with a recruiter to enhance their career
  • Advice for people in the business world for how to work with a recruiter
  • Why you have to think ahead and take responsibility for your career
  • The hot trend of in-house recruiting for some bigger firms
  • Advice for people in the early stages of their career
  • Why not to sweat the resume
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