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Episode 104: February 20, 2018

Three out of four companies say diversity and inclusion is a priority. But saying it and doing it effectively are two different things. One organization that’s out in front in terms of D&I is EY, also known as Ernst & Young – The multinational professional services firm, and one of the big four accounting firms. For years, EY has been committed to recruiting and retaining a diverse workforce, while making employees feel included and heard. Ken Bouyer is EY’s Director of Inclusiveness Recruiting for the Americas. He leads the team that finds the best talent on college campuses and elsewhere. For Bouyer and EY, diversity and inclusion is a priority, and as the organization continues its efforts in this arena, it continues to experience success in many other areas as well. Bouyer joins us today to discuss diversity and inclusion, why EY makes the investment, and what you and your organization can learn from it.

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  • What is Ken Bouyer’s background
  • How has the diverse workforce affected Ernst & Young
  • What are companies doing to address diversity and inclusion
  • What do organizations get out of a diverse workforce
  • Why should companies strive for diversity and inclusion
  • How does a diverse workforce affect the bottom line
  • How is diversity and inclusion defined
  • How do you build a culture of inclusivity
  • How has talent recruitment changed over the years
  • What companies can do to tackle unconscious bias
  • The benefits of adopting a global mindset
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