Jennifer Engelhardt and Scott Troxell Showart

Episode 122: October 01, 2019

Virtual Reality. While many of us think of video games when we hear the term, VR has evolved, especially in terms of its use in the workplace where its impact on productivity is significant. Organizations and sectors employ virtual reality to, among other things, improve peoples’ mental, physical, and financial health. While VR is helping employees, it’s having a positive effect on the bottom line, too. Two professionals on the leading edge of virtual reality join us on the podcast today. Jennifer Engelhardt is a Principal with EY, and Scott Troxell is CEO of Virtuous Reality. They’re with us today to talk about the ways virtual reality is becoming commonplace at work and beyond.

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  • What is the definition of virtual reality
  • What are uses for virtual reality outside of video games
  • What makes VR so immersive
  • What is Virtuous Reality’s mission statement
  • How does Virtuous Reality use VR for meditation and mindfulness
  • How does VR contribute to emotional wellness
  • How do business use VR in the workplace
  • How is the military utilizing VR to help veterans
  • Why is virtual reality beneficial in treating PTSD
  • What benefits are corporations seeing after implementing VR
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