Hamilton Perkins Show Art

Episode 51: August 02, 2016

The average American throws away 181 pounds of plastic each year, much of it from water bottles. Hamilton Perkins has decided to do something about that; he’s taking discarded water bottles and turning them into affordable designer travel bags. His story has caught on and he’s reached thousands of supporters and customers on social media. We speak with Hamilton about today’s new economy, environmental sustainability, social media, and his story.


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  • How Hamilton learned his industry and came up with his business idea
  • Why he is finding his audience primarily online
  • How companies need to understand media and social in order to succeed
  • How he used Kickstarter to launch his product
  • How they manufacture the bags made from recycled materials
  • What they do with social media to go directly to their customers
  • How to start your own product or business, even if you have a full time job
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