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Episode 107: April 12, 2018

It seems like every business and industry is experiencing disruption today. Much of the change is driven by technology and data. One field that’s being transformed is the world of professional financial planning and investment management. Consumers can now count on technology to guide them in terms of their retirement savings like never before. As a result, the role of the financial advisor is changing. David Musto is President of Ascensus – they provide resources for organizations and companies who help their employees save for retirement. Musto has over 25 years of experience in the retirement, investment, and insurance industries. He joins us today to discuss the exciting changes taking place in the investment management field – changes driven by technology and data.

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  • How the world of investment management has changed
  • What is the new role of a financial planner
  • How big data has changed investment management
  • What are investment managers doing to create an information advantage
  • Investment performance vs individual outcomes
  • What is the new method of creating a portfolio
  • What is the rate of adoption for college savings accounts
  • How are data and technology negatively affecting investment planning
  • What should a student or professional do to get into the investment management field
  • What should students do to prepare for retirement
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