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Episode 95: November 08, 2017

Over the past few years, organizations have wrestled with the concept of remote employment – having employees who work from home. Much has been written about the effectiveness of the remote working, and how to lead a remote – or virtual – team. A recent Gallup study revealed that more Americans are working remotely, yet not all industries and organizations have embraced the concept. As many companies struggle to find the sweet spot, one organization has gone all in with the 100% remote workforce, and it’s been a big success. SmartBug Media is an award-winning, full-service inbound marketing agency with clients in several industries. Its CEO founded SmartBug to provide clients with outstanding results while offering employees a fulfilling life outside the office. SmartBug Media CEO Ryan Malone joins us today to discuss how a fully remote workforce can produce winning results.

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  • What is SmartBug Media
  • What is inbound marketing
  • Why does SmartBug Media have a 100% remote workforce
  • What are the benefits of a remote workforce
  • How to create culture in a remote workforce
  • What kind of person makes a good remote worker
  • How do clients react to a remote workforce
  • What are SmartBug Media’s 5 values
  • Which industries are a good fit for a remote workforce
  • What are the stumbling blocks in setting up a remote workforce
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