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Episode 105: March 06, 2018

When you hear the word “entrepreneurship,” you may think of a startup where an individual or team generates a great idea that after multiple steps becomes a business. While many entrepreneurs pursue the startup route some take another path and look into opportunities available in established businesses. That’s what David Hunt did. Years ago, rather than start from scratch, he looked for a business that was ready for a new owner, a new approach, and new ideas. And it worked. Hunt joins us today to discuss entrepreneurship, what it takes to succeed, and how some great businesses are already out there waiting for new leadership.

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  • What is David’s entrepreneurial background
  • What does a patent information service business do
  • What should an entrepreneur look for in an existing business
  • The importance of knowing your strengths as an entrepreneur
  • What makes a successful entrepreneur
  • What are the common downfalls for entrepreneurs
  • How an entrepreneur delegates responsibility
  • What is fear of success
  • How important is resilience for an entrepreneur
  • Why networking is important
  • How millennials can succeed as entrepreneurs
  • The benefits of focusing on the customer experience
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