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Episode 79: April 19, 2017

Non-profit organizations play a significant role in the lives of Americans. In fact, 1 in 4 U.S. citizens volunteered with a non-profit in 2014. One of the best-known and most successful non-profits is the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, helping all people in the U.S. and developing countries lead healthy, productive lives. Olympia Trumbower is Program Manager in the Global Policy and Advocacy Division at the Gates Foundation, and joins us today to discuss the Foundation, and what it’s like to have a career in the non-profit space.

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  • What is the mission of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
  • How long has the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation existed
  • Where is the Gates Foundation located
  • How is the Gates Foundation organized
  • What does the Gates Foundation Global Development division do
  • How does the Gates Foundation Global Health division help developing countries
  • How many people work at the Gates Foundation
  • How much does the Gates Foundation invest
  • What is an average day like at the Gates Foundation
  • Are non-profit salaries less than for-profit salaries
  • What kind of people work in the non-profit space
  • How do you get involved with non-profits
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