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Episode 90: July 18, 2017

The summer. For many, the summer months are dedicated to a job search – especially those who have recently graduated from college. But for both rookies and experienced professionals, the job interview is a challenging and stressful part of the equation. Seems as though each interview is somewhat different from the one before. So what’s the best way to prepare, and what do employers expect from candidates before and during the interview? Alice Davison has some great insight and experience when it comes to interviewing. She’s Vice President, Global Business Services at the Capital Group in New York City, where she manages global recruiting for investment roles in equity and fixed income groups. She’s had several roles in human resources throughout her career, and joins us today to share interesting and helpful advice – especially for the young professional – on the qualities employers seek and their expectations for the job interview.

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  • What is the role of a Human Resources manager
  • How to interview for an investment management position
  • What makes a good investment manager
  • How to learn resiliency
  • What happens when you push people
  • The benefits of failing
  • What you can learn from failing
  • How to turn a failure into a positive experience
  • How to prep for multi person interview
  • What you can learn about a company from the interview
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