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Episode 34: April 05, 2016

Keeping customers happy is one of the basic goals of business, but is especially hard to achieve in the restaurant and hospitality industry. Kim Lopdrup is CEO of Red Lobster, and has spent time with Procter & Gamble, Burger King, and others. He joins us today to discuss several key elements of the restaurant business, including the importance of customer-centric employees and the hospitality gene.


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  • What gets Kim excited about the restaurant industry
  • How to find and train people who care about other people
  • What the hospitality gene is
  • Why having fun is key to a successful company
  • How they are more nimble as an independent company
  • How they are expanding internationally
  • The generational shift that is going on in their customer base
  • What happened when Beyoncé mentioned Red Lobster in a song
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