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Episode 2: September 11, 2015

Joe Cohen is the immediate past Chair of the Public Relations Society of America. He’s also the Senior Vice President for Communication with KIND Healthy Snacks in New York City. We chat with Joe about the new role in PR professionals and how social media has changed the industry.


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  • Joe’s time as a co-interim CEO of the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA)
  • Why social media caused a paradigm shift within Public Relations
  • How the world of media consumption has changed
  • About KIND and how he got involved with the company
  • How KIND is a purpose-driven brand and what they do to give back
  • Why they are very transparent with the press at KIND
  • Relationship building is still very important in PR
  • How Content is king
  • What small businesses can do to get started in PR
  • What we will see for the future of PR
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