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Episode 50: July 26, 2016

Social media continues to rise – over 1 billion people use YouTube, and almost 60% of American adults have a Facebook account. Social media has changed the way businesses build their brands and reach customers. Advertising agencies have changed to adapt to the new landscape, and one such company on the forefront of that change is Initiate-It, an advertising firm in Virginia. On this episode we chat with Initiate-It’s CEO Andrew Smith about how social media has changed advertising.


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  • What the ad agency landscape looked like 15 years ago
  • Why strategy is much more important now for agencies
  • What it means to be “digital-first”
  • The problems that small businesses come to advertising firms looking to fix
  • Investing in content development
  • How to have a solid SEO strategy
  • Why people are spending more on digital advertising
  • The importance of video content
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