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Episode 70: February 02, 2017

Back in the day, colleges and universities focused most of their efforts on classroom education, leaving the job and career search to the student. Times have changed, and schools like William & Mary invest greatly in career development. Kathleen Powell is Associate Vice President of Career Development and works with students on all facets of career counseling, placement, and coaching. She joins us today to discuss how a partnership between the student and the career development team can lead to a great job and career.

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  • What is career development
  • The difference between career counseling and career placement
  • How can the National Association of Colleges and Employers help students and businesses
  • The changing landscape of applying for internships
  • Is networking important
  • How to stand out as an undergraduate
  • What are employers expectations for recent graduates
  • How early should you start career readiness
  • How to conduct a video interview
  • The importance of career fairs
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