Lisa Denoia and Jeff Werby

Episode 111: June 11, 2018

While a traditional professional goes to the office every day, other professionals work from home, often alone and isolated. Those working from home have an alternative: Coworking. By next year, over two million professionals around the world will go to work in shared offices or workspaces where they work independently. Amenities in coworking spaces include office space, conference rooms, private telephone rooms and other necessities professionals seek. Lisa DeNoia and Jeff Werby launched 1701 – a coworking, meeting, and event space in Virginia Beach, Virginia, and it has quickly caught on. They join us today to discuss coworking, the types of professionals it attracts, and how it’s grown from a simple workspace to a collaborative community.

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  • How Lisa and Jeff became collaborators
  • What’s available at the 1701 coworking space
  • What draws members to coworking spaces
  • How easy is it to collaborate inside a coworking space
  • How will coworking grow
  • What amenities do you find in coworking spaces
  • Can you live in a coworking space
  • How does coworking affect the local business community
  • What is the Vibe District
  • What other events happen at coworking spaces
  • What is the primary demographic of coworking spaces
  • What are the rules of coworking spaces
  • How safe are coworking spaces
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