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Episode 118: August 1, 2019

“The Conqueror.” It’s an inspirational documentary film about Jerome Conquest of Philadelphia. The death of his friend at the age of 17 inspired Conquest to stop fighting in the streets and instead fight in the boxing ring. The documentary follows Conquest between his day job as a maintenance worker and his evenings as a boxer. Bradford Downs is the producer of the award-winning documentary, but he’s not like most producers. While production was taking place, he was pursuing his MBA full-time at William & Mary. He graduated in May. Downs joins us on the podcast today to talk about “The Conqueror,” documentary filmmaking, and the commonalities between business and telling great stories.

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  • How Bradford became a documentary filmmaker
  • What does one need to learn to become a documentary filmmaker
  • Why customer service helped Bradford become a filmmaker
  • What is the mission of Montague Cervantes films
  • How much of making films is learning on the job
  • Why Bradford made a film about Jerome Conquest
  • Where does the funding come from for a documentary
  • How did Bradford fund his film
  • What does the role of the audience play in film
  • How does one make a living as a documentary filmmaker
  • What’s the role of the film festival in the documentary world
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