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Episode 57: October 18, 2016

The days of spending an entire career with one employer are long gone. Today, professionals can expect to change employers and career paths multiple times. Managing your career can be a real challenge, but if done correctly can lead to a great career in which you and your employer are happy. Karen Locke is the Pat and Margaret Walsh professor in Leadership & Ethics at William & Mary’s Raymond A. Mason School of Business who works with a range of professionals on, among other things, how to be the CEO of your career.

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  • How students can take progressive steps in their leadership journey
  • The value of translating skill sets into career paths
  • The importance of gaining feedback
  • What After-Action reviews can provide
  • Understanding who you are in the experience of others
  • What personal strength help career growth and development
  • What are some tools for self-assessment
  • Differentiating between the problem oriented mindset vs. strengths mindset
  • How to approach being the CEO of your own career
  • Why employees are important resources for business growth
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