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Episode 102: January 17, 2018

When you think about K-12 education, you might think about academics, homework, athletics, and other education-related topics. But in many respects, public schools and public school districts are much like companies and businesses. Chesterfield County Public Schools, located just outside Richmond, Virginia, is a large school district with over 7,000 employees serving almost 60,000 students. In order to be successful it employs a business-like approach to education management. Thomas Taylor is Chesterfield’s Chief Academic Officer. Earlier in his career he was an award-winning teacher and principal. As he climbed the ladder and became a superintendent, he realized he needed more training in business and leadership. So he went back to school and earned his Executive MBA at William & Mary. He joins us today to discuss the business of public school education and how school districts can win when they adopt business practices.

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  • Thomas Taylor’s track to leadership
  • How school districts are like regular businesses
  • How large is Chesterfield County Public Schools
  • Are public schools able to make money
  • How the recession effected public school finance
  • What are the big issues today across public education
  • Are we as a nation sending too many students to college
  • Is homeschooling growing or stagnant
  • How is online learning affected public schools
  • What makes a good parent for a school district
  • What business education do you need to lead a school district
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