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Episode 116: June 25, 2019

How do you get your daily news? We have more options today than ever before: Apps, social media, podcasts, websites, feeds, newsletters and more. As new media continues to take over the news landscape, some traditional media – like magazines and newspapers are struggling. According to a Knight Foundation report released in April, one medium around for more than 60 years is the go-to news source for Americans: Local television news. Mark Kurtz is News Director at WAVY-TV in Norfolk, Virginia, a top 50 market. He joins us on the podcast today to talk about local TV news, how it’s changing, and why people continue to choose it as their source for news.

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  • How local TV news is doing in the age of new media
  • What sets local TV news apart from other news sources
  • How has local TV news embraced the internet
  • How has the relationship changed between viewers and newscasters
  • What is local TV news doing for mobile devices
  • How does local news stay local
  • What is the job of a news director
  • How has an average reporter’s day changed in the last 20 years
  • How important is weather forecasting for a local news channel
  • How has sports coverage evolved
  • Where is local tv news headed in the future
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