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Episode 88: July 05, 2017

This week we continue with part three of our four-part Summer Look Back Series, where we replay one of our more popular episodes from the past twelve months. Today’s episode was originally posted in February featuring a conversation with Robert Gates, author of “A Passion for Leadership: Lessons on Change and Reform from 50 years of Public Service.” In the book, Gates shares his experiences from his many leadership roles, including: Director of the CIA, President of Texas A&M, and U.S. Secretary of Defense. Currently, he’s partner in the consulting firm RiceHadleyGates, and he serves as chancellor here at William & Mary. On the podcast, he shared his advice on successful leadership – especially in large organizations. Please enjoy our conversation from February 2017 with Dr. Robert Gates.

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  • What are the qualities of good leaders
  • How to elicit the best ideas from others
  • The proper method to encourage buy-in
  • Why a leader should maintain some emotional distance
  • The importance of being able to compromise and adjust plans
  • How to know when to step back
  • Why a good leader practices objective criticism
  • What is the central purpose of leadership
  • The distinction between leadership and management
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