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Episode 56: September 27, 2016

Many organizations invest time generating their strategic plans but those plans often don’t prove to be successful. Arcadis is a leading international consultancy company in design, management, engineering, and other services. Julien Cayet is Global Leader, Business Advisory at Arcadis. He joins us to talk about strategy, the dynamic nature of strategy, and how it intersects with structure and culture.

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  • The role of a strategic officer in a company today
  • What is needed in companies for strategy
  • How to gather around a mission for a company
  • How strategy, structure, and culture intersect
  • What causes failure when companies try to take action on a strategic plan
  • Lessons learned from a global culture within a company
  • What is the role of the leader in strategy
  • Why Arcadis does a 10-year strategy plan
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