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Episode 21: January 05, 2016

Christen Barber is a Strategist with She gives us an introduction to social media and how it can be a viable marketing channel for businesses. Social media is a mystery for many businesses, but the best brands are making it a big part of their overall marketing and sales strategies. Christen helps us unpack this hugely popular sector and uncover some secrets to staying ahead on social.

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  • How social media can be used in ways many people don’t realize
  • Why you need to monitor social media and decide a strategy before you just create accounts on all the channels
  • Why Facebook is the largest social network
  • How Twitter works as a niche community and a customer relationship tool
  • What to do in a social media crisis and how to look at it as an opportunity
  • How much CEOs should be involved in the company’s social media
  • Where to start on social if you are new
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