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Episode 120: September 1, 2019

We’ve all been there. At various points in life, everyone faces a major problem or tragedy. A life-threatening illness, a significant other dies, or a job is eliminated. Whatever the specifics, it’s next to impossible to go through life without facing major setbacks or trauma. Dealing with that requires resilience. Margaret Liptay is a certified leadership coach. She partners with leaders, CEOs and executives to help them become more effective in their roles, and a quality necessary for success is resilience. She joins us on the podcast today to discuss resilience, why it’s important, and how you can become more resilient in your work and professional lives.

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  • What defines resilience
  • What is Margaret’s perception of resilience
  • Are people born with a developed sense of resilience
  • When do people start developing a sense of resilience
  • How can people improve their resilience
  • The importance of rest to the brain and how to refocus your mind
  • What are good tactics to embrace when a colleague is in distress
  • Why is it critical for leaders to be resilient
  • What is the link between courage and resilience
  • Is there an alternative to being resilient
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