Ann Benjamin Showart

Episode 117: July 15, 2019

As members of the Class of 2019 from colleges and universities across the world make the transition from student to professional, many of them have questions about job, career and success. Ann Benjamin has some answers. Benjamin is a private investor and philanthropist. She spent 34 years in the investment management business. She was a keynote speaker at the 2019 Women’s Stock Pitch and Leadership Summit – an event that brings some of the world’s best undergraduate students to William & Mary for a weekend. After speaking to the attendees, she sat down with us and shared her three-step formula for success: Passion, advocacy, and initiative.

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  • How students of today compare with students from 30 years ago
  • How students today are better prepared to enter the professional world
  • Why passion is necessary for success
  • What types of passion exist within successful professionals
  • What to do if you haven’t yet found your passion
  • How important advocacy is for a career
  • What does it mean to advocate for oneself
  • How does a young professional find advocates in the workplace
  • What is important when taking initiative
  • What should a manager do to help an employee take initiative
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