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Episode 24: January 26, 2016

Higher Ed is being changed by technology – many business schools are offering fully online MBA programs. Pam Suzadail is the Director of the Online MBA Program at William & Mary’s School of Business, and today she chats with us to discuss online learning and it’s future in education.


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  • The different options and features of an online education program
  • What is a online-offline blended program
  • Why an online MBA is not an easier path to an MBA
  • What is it like to be a professor in the online space
  • How to train a professor to teach online
  • How the stigma of online education has changed
  • What needs to happen to launch an online education program
  • How to find the online programs that will fit you
  • What the future of online graduate education holds
  • Why online graduate programs are not less expensive than in-person education
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