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Episode 85: May 30, 2017

Last week we shared the first half of our conversation with leadership coach Margaret Liptay on “managing up.” Liptay explained how your relationship with your boss can be more meaningful than the usual supervisor/subordinate relationship. She said when you position the boss as the organizational “parent” you place unnecessary limits on the partnership. This week in the second half of our discussion, Liptay explains how you can reframe the relationship so it becomes more complementary, which leads to better results for you, your boss, and the organization. In addition, she says the concepts of synergistic relationships can be applied in all of your interactions. Here’s the second half our our conversation with Margaret Liptay on how properly managing your relationships can create results and growth for everyone involved.

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  • What to do if your boss is hands-off
  • Why you should reach out to other managers within your organization
  • How you should think about your manager
  • Managers as bosses vs managers as collaborators
  • What questions should you ask during a check in with a manager
  • What is a wellness check-in
  • What does a manager owe the professional
  • What to do if your manager does not want a synergistic relationship
  • How to fix a supervisor/subordinate relationship that’s not working
  • What is the definition of 1+1=3 in relation to organizations
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