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Episode 84: May 23, 2017

One of the top priorities for many professionals is cultivating a positive relationship with the boss or direct supervisor. Doing so it often is referred to as managing up or communicating up. Managing up often entails learning about the boss’s habits such as which channel he prefers for communication, or when she prefers to hold weekly meetings. Our guest on the podcast today has a different take on managing up. Rather than seeing the relationship as a supervisor-subordinate dynamic, leadership coach Margaret Liptay recommends a different approach – one that’s more complimentary and reciprocal – and one that lead to results thanks to a one plus one equals three model.

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  • What is managing up
  • Matrix vs direct line management philosophies
  • How to manage your manager
  • How does Google influence a new model of promotions
  • What are committee promotions
  • How should you think of your relationship with your manager
  • How much should you know about your manager
  • What is “managing the monkey”
  • When should you seek praise from your manager
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