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Episode 27: February 16, 2016

Successful organization need both leaders and managers. The skill sets of each of these roles varies greatly, and each one requires a different type of person. Bob Williams has had a long career in leadership positions, and now teaches leadership and management to corporate clients and business students alike. Listen in to learn the characteristics of leaders and managers and why both are important to organizations.


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  • Why leaders and managers are very different
  • How some managers want to become leaders for the wrong reasons
  • What a leader’s role is in terms of looking into the future
  • The characteristics of a manager
  • How the Great Recession changed business models and changed roles of leaders and managers
  • Why leaders need to be great communicators
  • Why leaders are OK with failure
  • What future leaders of today should consider when being interviewed for leadership positions
  • What it’s like to work with John Maxwell
  • What the highest level of leadership means
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