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Episode 114: April 17, 2019

If you lead a team, whether it’s a team of two or twenty-two, you know leadership is challenging work. Imagine leading a team of tens of thousands of people spread across the work. Kelly Grier is U.S. Chairman and Managing Partner and America’s Managing Partner for EY. She leads over 70,000 professionals in 31 countries with annual revenue of $15.6 billion. She’s been with EY for 28 years. Grier recently visited William & Mary where she spoke at the annual Women’s Stock Pitch and Leadership Summit. She took time to sit down with us and she shared her thoughts on leadership, advice for young professionals, and how EY creates and maintains its special culture.

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  • How critical is passion for success
  • What are the advantages for being with an organization for an extended period of time
  • How should one approach leading on a large scale
  • What leadership style is most suited to successfully leading a large group of professionals
  • How does a leader know what their reports need to be successful
  • How to best communicate on a large scale
  • How best to foster positive culture at a large organization
  • What methods can a large company utilize to ensure employees subscribe to the culture
  • How to make professionals feel a part of the team
  • What does it take to be successful during industry disruption
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