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Episode 78: April 11, 2017

Communication is a critically important element of leadership. Even in small tightly-knit companies where everyone seems to be on the same page, it can be difficult to create a positive culture where quality communication is expected and practiced. Imagine being a CEO in a country and culture other than your own. Tim Murray knows all about that: Born, raised, and educated in the United States, he is CEO of Aluminum Bahrain – also known as Alba – and is one of the top aluminum producers in the world. Murray joins us today to discuss his leadership experience at Alba, and what it’s like to lead in a country and culture other than your own.

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  • What it’s like to move out of the country for a job
  • What are business perceptions of the US towards the Middle East
  • How long has Alba been around
  • How to navigate different cultures
  • The benefits of learning a foreign language as a leader
  • How did Alba’s workplace safety improve
  • The importance of CEO direct communication to workers
  • How to incorporate workplace communication through language barriers
  • Why leaders should be respectful, listen, and understand
  • What are the benefits and challenges leading a company overseas
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