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Episode 22: January 12, 2016

For many small towns, the local hospital is the heart of the community, being the largest employer in the area. Leif Murphy chose his career because of that small town hospital, and is now Executive Vice President and CFO of LifePoint Health, which operates over 70 hospital campuses in 20 states. He has a unique perspective on leadership that he shares with us in this episode.

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  • What Leif believes a good leader does to create a good work environment
  • Why he starts with the details
  • What makes a leader not so effective
  • The challenges of leading in a high-growth industry
  • What LifePoint learned from past mistakes to create a new team
  • Why he spends so much time in the field
  • How healthcare reform has changed the space that he works in
  • Why hospitals in small towns is so important
  • The opportunities and challenges for young professionals today
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