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Episode 119: August 15, 2019

While many professionals become successful by focusing on one business or one sector, Todd Boehly has taken another route to success. He seems to be into everything: An entrepreneur, philanthropist, businessman, and investor. Boehly’s been active in a variety of sectors including media, professional sports, insurance, real estate development, and entertainment to name a few. He’s involved in organizations like the Los Angeles Dodgers, Pizza Hut, and Dick Clark productions. Boehly’s the co-founder , chairman, and CEO of Eldridge Industries, a private investment firm founded in 2015. He recently visited William & Mary to take part in the annual Women’s Stock Pitch and Leadership Summit. He took a break from the event to sit down with us to talk about his experience building businesses, his investment philosophy, and how he sees parallels between leadership, business, and baseball.

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  • How business and college students today compare to those of the past
  • Why access to technology at an early age leads to more sophisticated students
  • How Todd’s classmate shepherded his career development
  • How Eldridge Industries weathers fluctuating interest rates
  • How to balance a wide range of interests and responsibilities
  • Why Todd got involved with Major League Baseball
  • What made the Los Angeles Dodger a viable investment property
  • How a baseball team roster is an analogue for an investment portfolio
  • The similarities between a baseball manager and a corporate manager
  • What’s the next big thing for baseball
  • What the Dodgers are doing to attract younger fans
  • How in-game sports betting has changed
  • How to embrace a larger portfolio and succeed
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