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Episode 75: March 14, 2017

John Hewitt is one of the most successful leaders in the tax profession. He founded three top tax preparation firms, including Jackson Hewitt and more recently Liberty Tax. After leaving H&R Block years ago, Hewitt pioneered the development of decision tree tax preparation software which revolutionized the tax business. Hewitt joins us today to discuss advice found in his new book “iCompete,” including: leadership, building culture, and exceeding customers’ expectations.

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  • What is the definition of leadership
  • The benefits of attitude vs competency
  • Building a workplace people want to work in
  • How to separate your business with marketing
  • What is the myth of meeting the expectations of your customers
  • The difference between customers and partners
  • How to approach leadership with partners
  • Why you need to give loyalty to earn loyalty
  • How can lack of communication destroy a business
  • Why change leads to improving
  • The importance of finding your passion
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