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Episode 62: November 22, 2016

Donna McDermott has spent over 30 years as a brand management executive for some of the country’s most well-known brands: Oscar Mayer, Tropicana, Bacardi, Heinz, AutoZone. She’s developed scores of new concepts and prototypes while launching 12 new brands and line extensions that have resulted in annual sales of over 2 billion dollars. She is currently the marketing principle at FedEx, and joins us today to discuss the differences between branding and marketing, product management, and why professionals need to always put their customers first.

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  • What does a marketing principle do
  • How has marketing changed over the years
  • The difference between branding and marketing
  • What are the responsibilities of a product manager
  • Marketing a product vs. marketing a service
  • The roles and responsibilities of a brand manager
  • How to know what the customer wants
  • What are the traits of a successful product manager
  • The importance of strategic networking
  • How to get into marketing
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