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Episode 99: December 12, 2017

The elevator. Certainly not one of the great venues for communication. When most of us are in an elevator, we usually look up, look down, or look at our phones. Having a conversation in an elevator is rare and often uncomfortable. In October, the Wall Street Journal changed that when it launched on online video series that has quickly become popular with viewers and leaders. It’s called “In The Elevator With.” Each episode features a short conversation – around two minutes in length – that takes place in an elevator between reporter Joanna Stern and a business leader. Guests have included the CEOs of General Motors, Intel, and Buzzfeed. Ariana Huffington, Jeffrey Katzenberg, and Shaquille O’Neal have been featured on the series. Stern, who is the Wall Street Journal’s tech columnist and Deputy Head of Video joins us to talk about “In the Elevator With,” how it’s produced, and what it’s like to interact with the best in business.

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  • How “In the Elevator With” was conceived
  • How many questions are asked during a single interview
  • How guests are picked for the show
  • Who is the audience for “In the Elevator With”
  • What has been the audience response to the show
  • Where is “In the Elevator With” filmed
  • Why video is important for journalists
  • How the Wall Street Journal is using video to reach a wider audience
  • How media trained CEOs react to the questions
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