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Episode 69: January 24, 2017

Soft skills. Emotional Intelligence. The willingness to be comfortable being uncomfortable. Companies everywhere are seeking employees and leaders who possess these qualities. Organizations are using multiple methods and approaches to teach a set of skills that improve communication, creativity and teamwork. For a number of organizations and professionals, improvisation training has become a popular method. Joyful Simpson is a California-based actor who teaches improv to businesses and professionals and joins us today to discuss what improv is, and what it can do for professionals and their teams.

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  • What is improvisation
  • Why are businesses interested in improv
  • What can improv do for businesses
  • How can improvisation improve situational communication
  • What improv exercises help business professionals
  • How improv can alleviate the feelings of failure
  • How improv helps build teamwork and trust
  • The benefits of improv in business culture
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