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Episode 83: May 16, 2017

Two weeks ago we spoke with Dave Heenan, a successful leader, executive, educator, and author, about his book “Leaving On Top: Graceful Exits for Leaders.” We asked home back to talk about another book he wrote, “Hidden Heroes: Finding Success in the Shadows.” In the book, Heenan writes about the way society tends to focus on celebrities. But when examining how the real work gets accomplished, Heenan found one group of professionals – the “exceptional subordinates” – who he calls “hidden heroes.” Heenan joins us again today to discuss these selfless individuals who find success in the shadows.

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  • What are hidden heroes
  • How many organizations have hidden heroes
  • What motivates hidden heroes
  • What are some examples of hidden heroes
  • What are hidden heroes’ biggest characteristic
  • How do you identify a hidden hero
  • What is the job of a hidden hero
  • What are the negative aspects of being a hidden hero
  • How do leaders work best with hidden heroes
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