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Episode 103: February 13, 2018

Sexual harassment. #metoo. Gender communication in the workplace. However you label it, it’s become a topic many companies and organizations have placed on the front burner – especially in the past few months. But of all the work-related issues professionals face, this topic is proving to be challenging. There doesn’t seem to be a universal approach to dealing with the issue. Inga Carboni is a professor of Organizational Behavior at William & Mary’s Raymond A. Mason School of Business. Among other things, she helps companies and professionals communicate and interact effectively. She joins us today to discuss what professionals can do to move the sexual harassment discussion – and issue – forward.

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  • How to deal with sexual harassment in the workplace
  • What shapes an individuals perception of harassment
  • How does power play into harassment
  • How should one prepare themselves to deal with sexual harassment
  • The difficulties of discussing inappropriate behavior
  • What companies should do to create an environment of inclusivity
  • How the #metoo movement has influenced business practices
  • Should the genders have separate discussions regarding harassment
  • How to have healthy cross-gender relationship in workplace
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