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Episode 115: May 23, 2019

Shawn Boyer is a successful entrepreneur. He was the founder and CEO of Snagajob – America’s largest hourly employment network for job seekers and employers. He also founded and serves as the CEO of GoHappy, a social messaging platform for private groups that focuses on positive sharing and collaboration. For Boyer, being an entrepreneur often means identifying an unmet need. His approach to entrepreneurship is methodical – he took similar approaches and steps to launching both Snagajob and GoHappy. And it’s a formula you can adopt.

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  • What Shawn’s focus was in the early days of the internet
  • How Shawn became inspired to create a website for hourly workers
  • How Shawn financed his startup
  • When did launch
  • Why the decision was made to bring web development in-house
  • What Shawn did after leaving Snagajob
  • What was the inspiration for GoHappy
  • What are some lessons from growing up around a family business
  • How to identify business needs for entrepreneurs
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