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Episode 60: November 08, 2016

Most entrepreneurs and professionals in the start-up world know that success is hard to come by, especially in the tech arena. For many, the number of failures far outweighs the number of successes. That has not been the case for Mike McSherry, who has successfully sold for of the five start-ups he has co-founded. He is currently CEO of Zealth – a digital prescribing and analytics platform integrated into healthcare electronic medical records, and joins us today to discuss his career, entrepreneurship, and the tech start-up space.

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  • How to get into entrepreneurship
  • What is a serial entrepreneur
  • Why conviction to strategy and ideas is important
  • How did Boost Mobile get started
  • Ways to bring value to a leadership team
  • How to choose the right team
  • The role of a startup CEO
  • What are the skill sets needed for a good team
  • How did Swipe get started
  • How do you deal with failure
  • What is the gig economy and how to be successful in it
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