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Episode 25: February 02, 2016

More companies and organizations seek employees and leaders who have an entrepreneurial mindset. Graham Henshaw is the Executive Director of the Alan B. Miller Entrepreneurship Center at William & Mary. He helps students, professionals and organizations understand and embrace entrepreneurial thinking, and today on the podcast he’ll discuss why you need to as well.


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  • How to define entrepreneurial thinking
  • The skill sets of entrepreneurial thinking
  • Why startups are not the only place that can leverage these ways of thinking
  • What design thinking is and how many companies are employing it to move their company forward
  • How you learn to fail wisely using the affordable loss principle
  • How people react to failure
  • What the Entrepreneurship Center does in their curriculum to prepare students for entrepreneurship in their careers
  • Why the ability to deal with ambiguity is one of the most needed skills for the present and the future in any organization
  • The most important element of entrepreneurial thinking
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