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Episode 124: November 01, 2019

If you were with us for our last episode, you hear the story of entrepreneur Anshuman Vohra and how he founded Bulldog Gin which became the fourth best-selling gin in the world. After selling Bulldog Gin in 217, Vohra was trying to write the next chapter of his entrepreneurial life. That chapter is on its way to a happy ending. Today on the podcast, we share the second of a two-part conversation with Vohra. He tells us about the events that led to his new venture – a premium certified organic beverage called Halo Sport. He also shares lessons learned and advice for other entrepreneurs.

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  • What did Anshuman do after selling Bulldog Gin
  • What was Anshuman’s inspiration for a new sports drink
  • How did Anshuman conceptualize the next big thing in hydration
  • What ingredients are in Halo Sport
  • When did Halo Sport go on sale
  • How important is passion for an entrepreneur
  • What Anshuman learned about entrepreneurship after college
  • What advice does Anshuman have for future entrepreneurs
  • When should one become an entrepreneur
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