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Episode 123: October 16, 2019

He’s an entrepreneur with an interesting story that has a successful outcome. Anshuman Vohra founded Bulldog Gin. As CEO, he quickly took it from startup to the fourth best-selling gin in the world and the fastest-growing gin. Bulldog is distributed in over 100 countries. An agreement in 2017 led to an eventual sale of the brand, but that’s not the end of Vohra’s entrepreneurial story. After the sale of Bulldog Gin, he has moved on to disrupt the world of sports drinks and hydration by creating and launching another new product: A premium certified-organic beverage called Halo Sport. Vohra joins us on the podcast to talk about his entrepreneurial journey. Today we’ll hear part 1 of his story as he tells us about Bulldog Gin.

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  • What year did Anshuman graduate William & Mary
  • How has campus changed in the last 20 years according to Anshuman
  • What was Anshuman’s childhood like
  • What led Anshuman to investment banking
  • What makes a good entrepreneur
  • How did Anshuman acquire his love of gin
  • Why was gin consumed less than vodka by Americans since the mid 60s
  • Why did Anshuman select the UK for gin production
  • How did Anshuman raise the initial capital
  • How was the gin and tonic born
  • When did Bulldog Gin first go on sale
  • Where did Bulldog first start selling gin
  • How did Bulldog get global distribution
  • When was Bulldog acquired
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