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Episode 58: October 25, 2016

Recently, Forbes Magazine reported that diversity and inclusion will be a top priority for businesses in the year ahead, explaining that gender-diverse companies were 15% more likely to outperform their peers. In addition, ethnically diverse companies are 30% more likely to do the same. Today, more companies are realizing that solid diversity and inclusion practices positively affect the bottom line. Elizabeth Nieto is Global Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer at MetLife who has spent her career in the D&I space, and joins us to discuss what it can do for individuals and organizations.

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  • How to integrate talent from other diverse backgrounds
  • What are different ways to adopt leadership principles
  • How diversity positively effects company experience
  • Why inclusive organizations offer the best opportunity for talent to emerge
  • What progress has been made in the D&I space
  • How diversity and inclusion talent management has changed
  • Why understanding bias is important
  • How to manage a diverse workplace
  • Why it’s important to understand the management language of veterans
  • The benefits of providing clear positive LGBQT policies
  • The importance of diversity representation
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