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Episode 73: February 28, 2017

Never before have we seen such a time of disruption and innovation throughout all fields of business. Companies, organization, and leaders must be forward-thinking just to survive. Over the last decade, some of the world’s leading companies have embraced “design thinking,” leading to groundbreaking new products and services. Today, William & Mary business professor Michael Luchs joins us to discuss design thinking, the framework behind it, and how you and your organization can embrace it to succeed moving forward.

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  • What is design thinking
  • How to creatively problem solve
  • What are the different facets of design thinking
  • How to implement design thinking into a business plan
  • Using design thinking vs conventional problem solving
  • When to use design thinking
  • Who can participate in design thinking
  • The significance of the role of failure
  • The different types of failure
  • How to effectively collaborate
  • How are design thinking and leadership tied together
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