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Episode 82: May 09, 2017

One of the hottest topics in business today is finding effective ways to connect with others by sharing compelling stories. Whether it’s building the brand, closing the sale, or presenting to the board, many professionals and organizations are spending time and effort improving their storytelling abilities. Often, stories in business include data, and that presents a hurdle for many: How to present complex data in a way that helps the audience easily understand. That’s where data visualization comes in. Skye Morét is a data visualizer at Periscopic in Portland, Oregon, and joins us today to discuss the many ways data visualization helps professionals tell compelling stories.

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  • What is data visualization
  • How should data visualizers think about information
  • What are the three different types of data
  • How is data visual structure important for different types of data
  • How do you represent hierarchical data
  • What are relational structures of data
  • How is temporal data visualized
  • Why types of data do spatial maps show
  • How do spatiotemporal maps differ from spatial maps
  • What information can be gathered from textual data visualization
  • What tools are available for data visualization
  • What questions should you ask before starting a large data project
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