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Episode 59: November 01, 2016

One of the biggest, most expensive, and misunderstood threats to businesses today is the cyber attack. In today’s environment, businesses and organizations are constantly at risk of being hacked, and those hacks can cause a company to lose its reputation, money, customers, and more. Cyber attacks are difficult to predict and stop, therefore many companies are bringing in “ethical hackers,” computer experts assigned to penetrate and assess the security of computer and internet systems. Andrew Leeth is a security engineer for Salesforce, and has worked with businesses to identify potential weaknesses in their systems. He joins us today to tell us what companies and organizations are doing to minimize the chance of a cyber attack.

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  • What is an ethical hacker
  • How do you assess potential security flaws
  • How to use social engineering to gain security access
  • What are common security problems
  • The importance of strong passwords
  • What happened during the Target security breach
  • How to protect data confidentiality, integrity, and availability
  • What is a DDoS attack
  • How can a website get vandalized
  • Will cyber attacks ever end
  • What is the goal of a cyber security department
  • How to support business decisions with data
  • Where to start to protect your business
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