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Episode 55: September 6, 2016

Millions of people turn to cosmetic surgery every year. In 2010 a new noninvasive alternative was introduced into the market, and became a success story. Keith Sullivan is the Chief Commercial Officer of the company that created Coolsculpting, a method for burning fat that is noninvasive. He chats with us about the lessons learned along the way, and how the road to success was not as smooth as it seemed.


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  • What Coolsculpting does
  • How Keith’s company developed the product
  • What they do when people tell them it can’t work
  • How they brought the product to market
  • Why the company almost folded after going public
  • What they decided to change once the company was rebuilt
  • How they approached marketing the product
  • The lessons of trying to get an idea to catch on
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