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Episode 32: March 22, 2016

Janice Min leads two of the most powerful and prestigious news brand in entertainment media – The Hollywood Reporter and Billboard. She was on the William & Mary campus this past week to speak to professional women and students about careers, business, and being a leader. She sits down with us to share her advice for young women in leadership roles.


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  • About the Women’s Leadership and Stock Pitch Competition
  • How she came up with her career advice for young women in their careers
  • What she has learned over the span of her career
  • Why no one is going to reward you for just working hard
  • How being the idea person is more valuable than being the hardest worker
  • Why listening is underrated
  • Why you shouldn’t apologize for being ambitious, and why some people will want you to
  • How you should be comfortable with knowing what you don’t know
  • Why you need to be courageous
  • How working on your personal life is just as important as your professional life
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